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Canvas, also commonly referred to as cotton duck, is available in 3 different finishes:
  1. natural {N}
  2. fire retardant single filled cotton duck {FR} (available only as custom 10.38 oz.)
  3. water repellent and mildew resistant {WM}
  4. water repellent, mildew resistant and fire retardant {WMF}.

The natural {N} is traditionally used for paint dropcloth applications and athletic covers for gyms floors, boxing rings, and tumbling mats. The water repellent and mildew resistant canvas {WM} is traditionally used for applications that require breatheability so that moisture trapped under the cover can escape by evaporating through the fabric. Care needs to be taken with outdoor storage cover applications that the object covered allows the tarp to be pitched so that water will run off and not stand on the tarp. Standing water will eventually leak through and possibly cause damage to the covered object(s). The water resistant, mildew resistant and fire retardant cloth {WMF} is used predominantly when the storage or curtain enclosure is near a flame source, used in a building near workers or spectators where it is required by fire code, or when covering products outdoors in unattended areas where a flame source may be present such as welding sparks, lightning, cigarette butts, or when the product covered is highly flammable.

The natural fabric {N} is available in two different weights per square yard. The 10 ounce per square yard is referred to as CanvasShield 1000 Extra Heavy Weight Dropcloth and is sold for what many other companies will sell a lesser 7 or 8 ounce fabric for. The second weight of the natural, CanvasShield 1800 “Off-White” is a true 18 ounces per square yard and is used for indoor applications only. When seamed and hemmed into custom covers or tarpaulins, the seams are typically double French blind seams and the hems are triple folded for strength.

The water repellent and mildew resistant cloth {WM} is available in 3 colors in the light CanvasShield 1000 (10oz/sy) and in the medium CanvasShield 1200 (12 oz/sy) weights: green, tan, & dark brown. The heavy CanvasShield 1490 (14.9 oz/sy) weight is available in green only.

The water repellent, mildew resistant and flame retardant canvas {WMF} is available only in olive drab in all three weights 10 oz/sy, 12 oz/sy, and 14.9 oz/sy.


For both the {WM} and {WMF} grades, their true weight is approximately 1.5 times their stated weights and this gain occurs in the paraffin treating process. The 10 ounce fabric will actually weigh 16 ounces per square yard, the 12 ounce fabric will actually weigh 20 ounces per square yard, and the 14.9 ounce fabric will weigh 23 ounces per square after treatment for water and/or fire.

Our standard method for constructing these custom canvas tarpaulins is to double-needle lock-stitch all seams and hems and grommet with #2 (3/8” ID) plain brass grommets at 2 foot centers around the entire perimeter. If a finished sized tarpaulin is required, you will need to check that box on the order form and this will increase the cost of the tarp approximately 10% due to the additional fabric needed to make up for the seaming and hemming losses.